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Latigo Leather – 2 x 9 Inch Cuff


Heavy leather selected for its suitability for belts, collars, straps and other similar applications. 

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      • Species – Varies
      • Weight – Varies

Cut in a 2 x 9 inch rectangle best suited to cuffs, bracelets and similar projects.  Your choice of color and weight (thickness). 

Please note only oak/vegetable leathers can be tooled.  Oiled and other light/medium colored dyed/finished leathers can be heat marked only.  

All pieces are SELECT #1 quality, with no holes.

Leather is a natural product and may have scars or slight blemishes.


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Black 4-5 Ounce L-158, Black 6-7 Ounce L-159, Black 9-10 Ounce L-160, Blue 6-7 Ounce L-161, Cognac 6-7 Ounce L-153, Cognac 9-10 Ounce L-154, Hot Pink 6-7 Ounce L-156, Russet 6-7 Ounce L-155, White 6-7 Ounce L157