Pet Shipping Form

Please use this form ONLY if you are shipping a Domestic Dog, Domestic Cat or Ferret/guinea pig/etc. Use one form per pet. Be sure to label bags with pet’s name. Duct tape and a sharpie works well.

Please don’t forget to sign the form and Include your Payment.

The easiest way to print these forms is to Select the form you need in its entirety and “Print Selected”

Ship to address:

Promise Land Tannery
228 Cameron Lake Loop Road
Okanogan, WA 98840

Form A

Due to the variables of the tanning and taxidermy trades I fully accept the fact that quoted return times are guesses and that no guarantees can be made as to the exact completion date of my work. I further understand that if my deposit is not made in full within thirty (30) days, that the below listed item(s) will be forfeited and that if my completed work is not paid for within thirty(30) days from the time of notification, I will be charged Storage fees of $2 per day per piece for any item not picked up within 30 of invoicing. Any Item Left longer than ninety days will be forfeited and my deposit forfeited. I understand that Promise Land Tannery having no control over specimens prior to their being received by us for tanning/taxidermy, and in view of the many factors which have a definite effect on the final result, such as primness, general condition of the specimen, climactic conditions, and most importantly lack of facilities by the sportsman and/or outfitter, I do not hold this establishment responsible for the condition of my tanned hides. My signature below releases the above named studio of the responsibility for loss by fire, theft, or vandalism or acts of god beyond PLTannery’s control. I understand that my signature or my representative’s signature finalizes this contract. No deposit or work will be refunded if I should change my mind. I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that the below listed game was legally taken and that I have received a copy of this contract. I understand that by signing below I give the above named studio and/or employee of that studio permission to transport the above named species to/from the customers’ stated address to the above named studio.


Pet Name:________________________

Type: Cat Dog Other______________


Service Requested For Hide: (circle one)

Lifesize, Mountable, Cased- Dry tan- Complete skin with face, paws, etc suitable for soft mounting or display. Skin is tubed (no belly incision.)

Lifesize, Mountable, Rug Cut- Dry tan- Complet skin with face, paws, etc suitable for rugging or display. Skin is cut flat like a bear rug.

Lifesize, Mountable, Dorsal- Wet tan- Complete skin with face, paws, etc suitable for a traditional mount. Skin is cut along spine. Skin must be stored frozen until ready to mount.

Lifesize, Mountable, Ventral- Wet tan- Complete skin with face, paws, etc suitable for a traditional mount. Skin is cut along belly to ribs. Skin must be stored frozen until ready to mount.

Hide Only, Rug Cut – Dry Tanned- Skin only, no face or feet. Cut flat suitable for display.

Hide Only, Cased- Dry Tanned- Skin only, no face or feet. Tube skinned (no belly incision) suitable for display.

Service Requested for Remains: (circle one)

Return remains as is- returned as is to you for your choice of burial or local cremation services, etc.

Remains Shipped directly to pet crematory(your choice). We do have a local recommended Crematory.

Skull Cleaned- Skull only, cleaned and whitened. Balance of remains, Select preferred method.

Skeleton Cleaned- Available on larger specimens only. Entire skeleton will be cleaned and whitened, unsorted.

Discard- We will properly dispose of remains.

PLEASE Keep a copy of this form for your records.