Shelby Hendershot

Welcome to my corner of the world!

Nestled on a plateau above the Okanogan Valley, I have been sourcing and processing antler and other animal related items since 2006. With a family history of small businesses and entrepreneurship, and a love of all things natural, I found this to be my passion. My great-great grandfather was a Rag and Bone Man in England, and what I do today is very similar in spirit. I take the extra, less than useful bits and turn them into useful and beautiful materials.

Promise Land Tannery is dedicated to utilizing the most from each animal that comes through our doors. These come from a variety of sources, including farmers and livestock producers, hunters, trappers and with the recent creation of Washington’s road kill laws, even the side of the highways! Bones, teeth, hides and other items, not typically used in food are cleaned, tanned and prepared for use in all manner of functional, scientific and artistic areas. Bones and leathers are gathered from across the US and around the world from renewable, ethical and humane sources. A personal relationship with each of our suppliers allows us to offer you a more consistent, quality product.

Knowing the history of each and every one of our products is key for me. We source our products directly, so that we can ensure this information is reliable and have it available to you.

Shelby Hendershot